Technologies for Detection and Therapy of Vascular Plaques

Atheron has exclusive license to the following patents:

1) Beta Probe & Method of Use,
US Patent number 5,008,546

2) Tracking of the position of the intraoperative radiation detection probe or camera in 3-D, and its fusion with the image-guided surgery.
US Patent number 6,602,488

3) Delivery of gene or cell therapy while the diseased cells is localized by our hybrid-detector-injector probe.

4) Method for detecting early atherosclerosis and vascular damage using radioactive tracers and intravascular radiation detection devices.
US Patent No. 6,295,680

5) Methods and Devices to Expand Applications of Intraoperative Radiation Probes.
US Patent # 6,510,336

Assigned to University of Michigan. Licensed exclusively to Atheron Corp.

Patents Pending:

1) Catheter-based detector probes for detection of vulnerable atherosclerotic plaques

Patent Application number 20020168317.

2) Surgical radiation detection probes for intra-operative MRI

3) Real time statistical evaluation of probe counts

4) Devices for detection and therapy of atheromatous plaque
US Patent Application # 20030055307
(Atheron Jointly with Massachusetts General Hospital)

5) Use of radiopharmaceuticals and intraoperative radiation probe for delivery of treatment materials
US Patent Application # 20040071631

6) Methods and devices to expand applications of intraoperative radiation probes
US Patent Application # 20020168317